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Well, Illmare insisted that I answer her ten questions, then tag ten more people with my own, so...

Anime or Manga
Anime, I guess. I've read too many books not to get a headache at the idea of attempting to read right to left. That said, my grand total of anime experience is Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Steam Boy, Angel Beats and Deathnote.

Black or magdalene order
I have had the difference explained to me, but all I can remember is that the Magdalene Order of nuns was apparently founded by Mary Magdalene to hunt demons. There is so much theological fail in that one sentence that I'm going to have to vote for the Black Order on principle.

Zero or Lelouch?
These are characters, I take it...? Aha, go Google Images!
So, Zero is a white-haired pretty-boy. There is a picture of him with glasses, reading a book. Lelouch, on the other hand, has black hair and purple eyes, except when one of them is red. There are a couple of pictures of him with cat ears, too.
So, Zero. Nerds are far sexier than catboys (never mind about the overlap). Also, white-haired pretty-boys get a pass, since they remind me of Fenris.

Do you want to die?
Not just at the moment, thank you. But eventually, yes. Immortality would suck.

To this I can only answer: hbgbbhgb bn b vnn vn
- which is the transcript of me gently banging my forehead against my keyboard a couple of times. Alternatively: [p-e3r4aqhynhj
- which is me attempting to type my username with my right elbow.

Most embarassing moment
This is, evidently, a blatant attempt to garner blackmail material. My lawyer, Sand, advises me not to answer.

Do you like feet?
Not as such. My own are useful, non-ornamental, and awkward to buy shoes for. Other people's are often smelly, hairy, or decorated with alarming toenails.
On the other hand, I'd rather have feet than flippers or paws. So there's that.

Favourite Series

What of? Movies? Books? Games? TV? Numbers?

Movies Blargh. Never seen a movies that was worthwhile. Individual movies in a series, yes.
Books The Fionavar Tapestry, by Guy Gavriel Kay.
Games Mass Effect, no question.
TV I don't really watch.
Numbers I was joking about that one.

It occurs to me Ilmare was probably asking about anime, nerd as she is... in which case (out of two!) it's Deathnote.

Navy or pirate (one piece)
Navy all the way. Nobody looks good wearing pirate.

Mage or Templar
Finally, a sensible question!

Assuming DA2 Templars.

The game goes out of its way to show us that mages while human, and much-abused are also terribly dangerous, and people need to be protected from them. Leave alone all the basic enemies who are mages (and there are a lot of them!); let's just consider the named mages in the game for starters, Anders, Merrill, Orsino, Decimus, Tarohne, Idunna, Grace, Quentin, Huon, Evelina, Emile, Alain, Marethari, Danarius almost all of them do something terrible (Emile is an idiot [which is not terrible, he gets a pass]; Alain and Marethari pay the price for trusting other mages [ditto, not terrible].). Merrill gets her mother-figure killed and potentially slaughters her clan. Orsino turns to blood magic and becomes a horrific flesh-golem-abomination-thing, even when you're on his side. And I'm not even going to talk about Anders.

Templars who abuse their power and are dangerous to others? We're given two: Meredith the crazy fanatic and Alrik the rapist. Thrask trusts the wrong people and meets a messy end, and he and Keran are involved in kidnapping someone precious to you... but mathematically, the Templars are much saner. I could also add that bad Templars are a menace only to the mages, but bad mages threaten everyone but that's tangential.

I'm not saying the Circles are perfect, or that the Rites of Annulment or Tranquility are acceptable just that the Templars are a better choice for the average Theodosian.

Okay, I wasn't going to do this, but...

1. Which is more dangerous in skilled hands: a paperclip or Blu-tack?
2. What makes you speechless?
3. How would you escape from a dentist's waiting-room?
4. Where is the Phantom of the Opera?
5. Paragon or Renegade?
6. Which three-word phrase do you most like to hear?
7. Where do odd socks go?
8. Have you ever licked a lamp post in winter?
9. Are magnets magical in nature?
10. What is the worst book you've ever read?

I tag:

:iconimperatoralicia: Lordess Alicia
:iconoleandersone: Ole
:iconinveleth: Inveleth
:iconseika-h: Seika
:icondayofautumn: Rey
:iconexperimentalgerbil: Champ
:icondoorbellspider: DBS


Perahn's Profile Picture
I can't draw as much as a stick figure right, but I do love words.

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Well, that's the nice par about using one (lack of) expression; you never have to adjst it.
The not-so-nice part is that you get portrayed by Keanu Reeves.
Or, even worse - Kristen Stewart .
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